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Oil sump strainer gasket | 3683H005


Excl. VAT £2.25

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  • SKU: 3683H005
  • Description
    Oil sump or sump gaskets 3683H005 to mount the oil pipes within the Oil sump, ensuring the oil is circulated through the strainer and circulated around the engine. Designed to ensure an accurate oil seal, the same gaskets as used on your engine during manufacturing.
  • Compatibility
    • 1000 Series

      1006-6, 1006-60, 1006-60T, 1006-60TA, 1006-6T

    • 1100 Series

      1106A-70T, 1106A-70TA, 1106C-E60TA, 1106C-E70TA, 1106D-70TA, 1106D-E66TA, 1106D-E70TA

    • 1200 Series

      1206E-E66TA, 1206E-E70TTA, 1206F-E70TA, 1206F-E70TTA

  • Details
    Material Composite